The Rougarou Fest is a bétaille-friendly festival that partners with Friends of the Terrebonne Animal Shelter to host a pet adoption event so you can add to your family of furry creatures. We would all love to see your dog in a costume, and we hope that you’ll enter your pet in the costume contest!  

As much as we love dogs in tutus, we also love dogs on leashes.  We also love dogs that pee and poop in appropriate places, and dog owners with poop bags that clean up after their pets. Police officers will issue tickets for dogs off leash or for dog owners not picking up poop.

Please remember not all people love your dog as much as we do, so be considerate when sharing space with others.

If your dog is aggressive, that means he/she doesn’t want to come to the festival.  Please leave him/her at home.  The actions of any dog is the sole responsibility of the owner.  The Rougarou Fest does not accept any liability for the action of any pet.