Saturday, October 26

10AM    Blessing of the Grounds & National Anthem

12PM    The Soul Survivors

2PM      Chaos of the Cosmos

4PM      Jamie Lynn Vessels

3PM      Nutria Pardoning in the Court square

4PM      Costume Contest (Registration begins at 1pm)

6PM      The Monochromes

7PM      Krewe Ga Rou Parade

8PM      Nonc Nu and the Wild Matous

9PM      Pumpkin Lighting

10PM    Rougarou Fest Closes


Sunday, October 27

10AM    Rougarou Fest Opens

11AM    Southern Boys

The Gourmand Games

1PM      Sheauxdown

3PM      Lt. Governor’s Award Presentation

Sweet Crude

5PM      Rougarou Sweep

Rougarou Fest Ends